Our Women’s Ministry is focused on helping you learn to love the Lord your God. We listen to God through prayer and bible study. We rejoice that no matter what you are going through, we can hold fast to Him.

Starting in September...

STUDY: Just Like Us – Kathy Aubrey

A look at 22 women in the Bible…they had to deal with some of the same issues we do. They had to learn to trust God, just as we have had to do.  Sometimes, they chose to disregard God’s promptings, and do things their own way. They experienced ups and downs, joys and sorrows, abuses and kindnesses… These ladies encountered a God who not only knew them and loved them but also met them in their hour of greatest need. 
STUDY BEGINS September 11th.


Sunday Morning (Room 8/9)


Tuesday Morning (Room 8/9)


Tuesday Evening (Room M)


Ladies Dancercize!

Thursday mornings in the COVE


Susan Mirra will be having a Dancercize Class in the cove on Thursday morning in the cove starting June 9th at 10:00. This exercise is designed to improve your core stability, and cardiovascular endurance, and increase your overall energy.  Contact Women’s Ministry Director, Theresa Darling if you wish to attend:  tdarling@northsideonline.org. 

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