Why We Exist

  • To meet and connect with other Northside Sr. Adults 
  • To provide opportunities to serve others 
  • To enjoy fun times with each other 
  • To enjoy meaningful fellowship & relationships 
  • To be encouraged in our walk with the Lord 
  • To live & leave a godly legacy 

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A legacy is the result of how we manage the life God gave us to use for His glory and to bear His image. It is a product of the decisions we make in private and live out in public. Our legacy is a choice. it’s something we create everyday, not when we take our last breath.  

L - Listen with your Eyes

When you are engaging with people, make them the priority by looking at them. Avoid looking around, over their shoulder or at your phone. Make them feel like they are the
most important person in the room. [Matthew 6:22]

E - Encourage from the Heart

Everybody wants to be somebody, so make them feel that way.People should walk away feeling better about themselves because you said or did something that added value to them. [Luke 6:45]

G - Give God the Glory

We are created in God’s image so that people would look at us and see a reflection of His character. This can’t happen if you’re busy trying to build your personal resume.[Corinthians 10:31] makes it plain:
… whatever you do,
do it for the glory of God.”

A - Always say "Thank You"

Having an attitude of gratitude goes a long way. People will notice your appreciation. And don’t just say it to be polite. Shake their hand (or give a hug), look them in the eye and tell them WHY you appreciate what they did. [1 Thessalonians 5:18]

C - Count Your Blessings

When we lose sight of what God has bestowed upon us, we tend to think we don’t need His help. When we are grateful for what He’s given us (both seen and unseen), and share it with others, we position ourselves to receive more. [Psalm 100]

Y - "You First": Serve Others

Making other people’s agenda a priority always leaves an impression. Our “me first culture makes it easy to stand out simply by making other people a priority, 

[1 Peter 4-10]

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