Be a Blessing to our Community!

Remember what it was like as a kid, getting all new stuff for the first day of school? How about the excitement of having bright, unbroken crayons; pencils to sharpen; and the fun backpacks? 


Join us in providing back to school supplies for many who are in need here in the communities around us. There are two ways you can join us in this effort


  1. Donate supplies 
  2. Pray for these families and teachers as they embark on a new school year. 

Bring in the following supplies to support our local community

Pencils & Pencil Boxes

Crayons & markers

Colored Pencils

Dry Erase markers

2 pocket folders

One Subject notebooks

Loose Leaf paper

Safety scissors

Glue sticks



Juice boxes

Saltine Crackers/Original Wheat Thins

Underwear & Socks for kids grades 3-5 (sizes 8-10)

Return items to Northside Church through August 21, 2022

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